Acknowledgement Letters

Acknowledgement Letter Format


[Name of recipient]

[Address of recipient]

[Date on which the letter is sent]

Subject: [Mention the subject of the acknowledgement letter in brief]

Dear/Respected Ms./Mr. _______ [Write a proper salutation and title for the recipient],

First paragraph: [The first paragraph of an acknowledgement letter mentions what is being acknowledged: it can be the acknowledgement of a bill payment, donation payment, job application, course application and so on. The sender of the letter informs the recipient that he has received the concerned document/letter/payment and expresses his gratitude].

Second paragraph: [The second paragraph of the acknowledgement letter is the body of the letter where one describes the object of acknowledgement in more details. For e.g., if it is a donation acknowledgement, the sender will describe how the money will be used; if it is a course admission acknowledgement, then the sender will describe the benefits of the course and the college].

Third paragraph: [This is the concluding paragraph of the acknowledgement letter and it summarizes the whole letter. The sender thanks the recipient and once again acknowledges the application or payment. He also gives any contact number or address where the receiver can contact him in the future if required.]

Thanking you,

Yours truly,

[Name of sender of letter]


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