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Copy writer Job Announcement Letter

Yell Advertising, Inc.

1880 E-commerce Bldg,

New York, NY 100123

August 7, 2010

Dear candidates,

We are one of the leading web advertising companies in the state. We are currently looking for a new batch of fresh copywriters who can write compelling web articles for the websites of our clients. We have thousands of clients across the United States, and it would be a great opportunity for you to showcase your writing skills and talent.

The main responsibilities and tasks of our copywriters are as follows:

Produce content for our clients’ websites that aim to market to their respective target audience

Write compelling copies that are also optimized for search engines to increase the online visibility of our clients’ businesses

Suggest images and design templates to our graphic artist to make each website interesting and informative to read

Interview clients if clarifications are needed

The qualifications for the said post include: l

A college degree in Journalism, Communication, or Marketing

At least one year writing experience (for the print or web)

If you are qualified, you can send your resumes to

Best Regards,

Ethel Carter

HR Manager

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