Promotion Letters

Work Promotion Letter


Mr. John Philip

Architect Department

Liverpool Architects Inc

C-7, Fifth floor

Liverpool, Merseyside

8 June 2011

Subject: work promotion letter

Dear Mr. Philip

We are very pleased with the work and efforts you are offering to our company. You have been working with our organization as a junior architect for last 3 years. During this period you have delivered some of the extraordinary work which the organization is really proud of. We have seen you growing as a professional in terms of your skills and expertise.

Now the management believes that you must handle some bigger responsibilities. Thus we have decided to give you a work promotion. Now instead of making the architectural designs, you will lead the team of the architects. We believe that you will deliver the high quality work in this endeavour as well.

We wish you all the best for your new assignment.

Thanking you

Scott Brat

Head HR Department

Liverpool Architects Inc

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