Congratulations Letters

Work Anniversary Congratulations Letter


Leonardo Daniel

Junior Manager, Sales Department

Wise Enterprises Limited


7th September 2012

Subject: Work anniversary congratulations letter

Dear Mr. Daniel,

I am writing this letter to congratulate you on your 10th work anniversary at Wise Enterprises Limited. The 10th anniversary of your work is a result of your supreme guidance, cooperation and unity within the organisation.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your meritorious services and the loyalty that you have maintained for these 10 years. Your contribution and commitment towards your work is truly commendable. During your journey at Wise Enterprises Limited, you have been promoted thrice, which is a clear example of your hard work and talents. On your 10th work anniversary, the entire team of this organisation thanks you for your reliable services and invaluable presence. Your ideas and suggestions for increasing sales profits and the introduction of the sales plans are the praiseworthy aspects about you.

You have been a major source of inspiration for all the other employees working here. As a token of congratulations, we are sending you a small gift along with this letter.

We wish you continued success over another 10 years.

Congratulations once again!


Tom Eric

General Manager

Wise Enterprises Limited

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