Thank you Letters

Wedding Invitation Thank You Letter


John Hughes

23, Oxford Street,


United Kingdom

Dear John,

I received your wedding invitation yesterday and I am very happy that you want me to be a part of this grand ceremony. We are friends since childhood and we have seen each other growing up. It is hard to believe that you are getting married. I am very really happy that you found the woman of your dreams. The best part is that both the families know each other and mutually agreed for this relation. I have seen both of your pictures on the facebook and trust me you make a fabulous couple and complement each other very well.

I will be coming to the wedding for sure but I think my wife may not accompany me as she has to attend another wedding which is falling on the same dates. I hope you understand. I will reach there a day prior to the ceremony to help in the wedding preparations and see the arrangements.  I am so excited for seeing you and attending your marriage function. If you have any work here in London please let me know and do not be hesitant. Hope to see you soon.

Your dear friend,

Larry Hatton

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