Termination Letters

Vendor Contract Termination Letter

Robinson and Co,



June 03, 2011

Steven Garcia

9807, Atlantic Beach,



Dear Mr. Steven,

Sub-Termination of Vendor contract

Ref- Vendor Contract No. 25648/Dated Sept.10, 2011

With this letter you are hereby informed that the company has decided to terminate the contract with you as mention above. The sudden decision of termination of contract with you came after the board of directors consideration to sell the building in which you are vendor.

The company is going through the crisis and to build up the financial position again the management of the company has decided to sell the building. However, the company has decided to give its vendors the period two months to find another place for them.

We hope that you understand our need and will humbly comply with our decision. We appreciate you for your regular clearing of dues to us.

Thanking You,


Company Secretary

Robinson and Company

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