Application Letters

Valedictorian Application Letter


Mrs. Shawchuk

Principal Bluebird School


United States

18 July 2011

Subject: – Application to serve as a valedictorian for the 2012 batch

Respected Madam,

My name is Tom Alter and I am a student of the graduating batch of 2012 of Bluebird School. My purpose of writing this letter is to seek your permission to be the Valedictorian for the graduation ceremony of the batch of 2012. I want to take this opportunity as I have all the qualities that are well suited for the position.

My belief is based on my past expertise of public speaking. I have a good academic record and have good communication skills and interpersonal skills. I understand my social responsibility and becoming a socio-responsible person, makes me and everybody related to me feel proud.

I am applying for this opportunity with a belief that I have all the qualities inculcated in me. I have my final speech ready and I am all set for the rehearsal. I heartily thank my teachers, as I am so confident and learned, just because of their help and support.

I request you to grant me this wonderful opportunity. I would be eagerly waiting to receive your consideration.


Tom Alter

Student (Graduating Batch 2012)

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