Grievance Letters

Union Grievance Letter


Glen Lane

Manufacturing Department Head

Raw Materials Manufacturer Limited

78 Universal High Street

Colorado, San Francisco 4290

Dated: 1st of May 2012

Subject: Grievance against low wages

Respected Mr. Lane,

I, on behalf of the labor union would like to express the grievance that we have in regards to the low wages received by us. We feel that the wages that we are receiving are very low.

The current average wage received by the laborers is around $1000 per month. This amount is much less than the standard labor rate received in the industry. We are expecting the average labor wage to be increased by $1000. Keeping the current rate of inflation in mind it is impossible to survive with the wages being received.

I would request you to please look into the matter and take some action. I am expecting a grievance hearing date from your end.

Thanking you,

Roger Moore

Labor Union Leader

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