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Typical Fundraising Solicitation Letter

M/s. A B C Foundation

1012, Elizabeth Avenue


Dear Sirs:

We wish to inform you that we are an accredited Non-Governmental Organizations engaged in the uplifting of poor and downtrodden people in the remote villages by providing water, food, shelter, clothing, etc. We started our operations during 2005 and since then our activities have grown multifold besides being successful.

As you might be aware, all the success we have claimed above, have only been due to the active cooperation and donations received from people and organizations like you/yours. We, therefore, solicit your earnest cooperation by contributing your might to our organization to enable us to continue our operation and become successful in every initiative we undertake.

The donations received by cheques/drafts qualify for income tax exemption under relevant sections of Income Tax Act and hence your contribution will enable you enjoy tax concession.

We look forward to receiving your valuable contributions.

Thank you

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