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Training Course Complaint Letter

August 19, 2010

Emily Eastwood

Head Trainor

Great Image Training Group

Dear Ms. Eastwood:

This is to call your attention to your training course on “Professional Digital Photography” held last Auguts 10-17, 2010.  I attended the training to upgrade my skills in photography which I need in my job at a local magazine.

Your brochure and advertisements state that the training course includes 14 hours of lecture and 30 hours of hands-on experience.  At first, the training was going well.  The speakers were competent and we were guided during the practice sessions.  However, the speakers started arriving late and the sessions were cut short.  Thus, the training course objectives were not attained and I had not reached my own personal goal to learn new techniques.

Your advertisements boast of a money-back guarantee if dissatisfied and I would like to avail the refund.  I paid a registration fee of ?100, an amount that is definitely not worth the training I got.


David Crampton

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