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Trade Reference Letter

Dear Mr. Ricks,

There was a request that was made for us for trade credit facilities for a certain amount per month. We have made a nomination for your company as a trading reference. It will be greatly appreciated by the company if you could provide us with certain information such as the length of time that you have been trading with the company who has made the request from us and the value of trade and services that you are conducting with them on a yearly basis.

Furthermore, we would like to know if you are trading on credit terms or if you have ever conducted trading on such terms. Are these payments made on time? Do you consider your trading company to be qualified for the credit facilities?

We would appreciate it very much if you could provide us with the information that we ask in order to facilitate further transactions. Please contact us for any clarifications regarding this matter.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Nick Gordon

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