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New Job Congratulation Letter

Dear Jacob Friend,

Good day!

I write to congratulate you for landing new job in one of the prestigious company here in New York City! I know that it is your dream to have a wonderful job here where you can enjoy and at the same time earn a lot of money. It’s a dream come true for you and I am so very happy for you my friend. You finally got it!

When will be your celebration party? Don’t forget to invite me as I have plenty to tell you and to show you as the new Senior Sales Consultant in New York City’s finest company. Wow, that’s really amazing and remarkable.

I know from the start that everything you have done will pay a lot and this is it my friend. You are now earning what you have sacrificed after all these years. Here’s a tip. Enjoy your job to become even more successful.

See you in your party. God bless!

Your friend,


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