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Thank You Letter Graduation Gift

Dear Mom and Dad,

Hope you both are fine. Today I have become a graduate and it is all because of you both. I received the Dior bag which you have sent to me as a graduation gift yesterday night and I just loved it as it is my favorite brand. I carried that bag to my graduation ceremony and every one appreciated it. I really want to thank you for the fabulous gift. It would have been very nice if both of you were there when I was receiving my degree.  I really missed you both.

I also want to thank you for funding my graduation program as without your support and confidence in me this day would have come. Now your daughter is all prepared to face the realities of this world as a distinction holder graduate from a reputed university. I will be soon applying for jobs. I am so excited to work.

I have promised my friends to give them a party. In my degree program I learned so many new things, made good friends and had a lot of fun but now I have to leave my hostel and I will really miss my room and college. Thanks again mom and dad for everything you have done for me and a special thanks for the Dior bag. Hope to see you soon.



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