Thank you Letters

Thank You Letter for Farewell Party


Lawrence Black

Senior Marketing manager

Sales and marketing department

Paulo Corp, London


17th June 2012

Subject: Thanking you for the farewell party conducted by you

Dear Lawrence,

I am writing this letter to you to express my extreme gratitude and happiness for the superb farewell party that you and the other colleagues had organised for me. I am so overwhelmed with the fact that all you guys care for me so much and took out precious time to conduct the party. It was one of the most memorable parties of my life and it shall always remain close to my heart.

They say that colleagues are competitors but you have proved that this statement does not hold true in all cases. I have had an awesome time working in Paulo Corp and have learnt a lot from you and my other seniors with whom i share great camaraderie. This job has helped me to aim for bigger goals in life and i have gained a lot of confidence as well.

I will always remember the various personal and professional experiences i have had with you and thank you again for the lovely farewell and the great gift.

Will miss you,

Martin Parker

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