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Thank You Christmas Letter

Dear Mum and Dad,

This is James. I wish both of you are in the pink of your health. The Christmas week is approaching and I wish both of you Merry Christmas. This will be the first time that I will not be at home for celebrating Christmas with both of you. Being away from both of you has made me realise how important both of you are for me. I exist thoroughly on your support. Thank you Dad and Mum for everything. I owe everything around me to both of you.

I wish I could be there to munch on the delicacies Mum makes for me during Christmas. Nevertheless, the New Year shall see us together and we shall be celebrating it to make up for the Christmas time. I expect that both of you are taking good care of your health. I hope to see both of you soon. Wishing you Merry Christmas,

Your loving son,


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