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Effective Christmas Letter


Ms Lewinsky,

Class 5 Teacher,

St Mary High School,




Class 5,

St Mary High School,


Dear students,

This letter marks my last talk with you before the Christmas holidays. Firstly, I wish a very Merry Christmas to each and every one. I pray may Lord bring happiness, joy and contention to each one. Christmas is a time when the kids get to spend some quality time with their parents after a term full of hard work.

Kids, celebrate this Christmas like no other one and try and make it as memorable as possible; since these days of childhood of fun, happiness and celebration with family shall be one of the most memorable ones in your life, which support you at times of difficulties. Try to make yourself happy with small things like singing Christmas Carols, playing in the snow, etc. I wish everyone comes back with loads of hope and happiness to face the material world challenges. I wish celebrations do not make you forget your home work.

Yours caringly,

Ms Lewinsky

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