Termination Letters

Termination of Employment Letter

Dear Ms. Tiffany,

This is to inform you that the company will now be terminating your employment to us on April 30, 2010. The cause of this separation is the installation of labor savings devices in the company.

It is hard for me to make a decision particularly like this one as I have already proven your capabilities and ability as my employee however for the success of my company I have to consider methods to save expenses and gain profit for my business.

During your years of stay in my company, I do not have any regret of selecting you to become part of my office. You showed to me a strong dedication and sincerity at work. You work as if you own the company. But when we were hit by the crisis, I started to think of approach to cut cost and save my company from losing profits.

Worry not because I will refer you to other companies and you will receive separation pay from me. I do hope you understand. Thank You.

Truly yours,

Mr. Harrison

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