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Lease Termination Letter

Dear Mr. Silva;

Good day!

I write because I would like to inform you that your lease contract of the house with us would now be terminated on December 10, 2009. I know that you have been leasing that house for almost a year now and we constantly agreeing to renew our lease contract however this time I need to totally renovate the place to make it safe and sturdy once again.

I think a month before the actual date of termination is enough for you to find another house to stay. It has been a wonderful thing contracting with you as you show care and concern to my property. I just need to renovate the place to reserve it.

The renovation may take several months and after it is done, you can lease it again under new terms. This is to acknowledge your importance to me as a lessee.

I do hope that you can find new place to lease soon. Thank you.

Truly yours,

Mr. Wilson

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