Termination Letters

Termination Letter

Dear Mr. Forrest;

Please be informed that starting next month, November 30 2009 your employment to this company will be terminated. This decision came from the unanimous decision of the Board of Directors after the results of investigation and hearing on your case inside the company.

It is a hard decision from the Board however to show fairness and equality to the other employees, this decision must be made. Attached here is the full copy of the decision of your case by the Board. You have been given several warning before this final decision and e do hope that you will honor this resolution.

We appreciate your time spent to this company sharing your skills to its success however; there are several rules to follow to maintain order and line between the employee and the employer. You have crossed that line however to respect your contributions to the company you are given a month to stay for you to have enough time to look for right job to you.

I hope you understand our decision. Thank you.


Mr. Robert Redman

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one of the staff dismiss from the post and his post hand over to other staff
how is write letter to the dismiss staff

Pls i shall be grateful if a sample of memo to management on accadimic achievement.


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