Termination Letters

Sample Termination Letter

Dear Mr. Jacob;

Please be informed that on Oct 25, 2009 you will cease to be an employee of this company. This is because the Board of Directors has made their final decision on the complaints against you.

The decision came after the members of the Board have unanimously voted to separate you from the employment of this company. They made several considerations however, your offense against the company is beyond the ethical rules provided by our company guidelines and it was for the third offense.

The Company is given you one month to look for another job that will best suit your qualifications. It is hard for us to let you go; however, for fairness and equality toward the other employees we must make this important decision. I know that you can find a suitable job after this because you have the skills and knowledge in our industry.

I hope to see you succeed in life. Thank you.

Truly yours,

Mr. Kenneth Cole

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