Termination Letters

Termination Letter for Non Performance


Duncan Hopkins,

#3, Erskine,


London, PA8

Date: 25th March 2012

Subject: Termination as a Sales Manager for Non Performance

Dear Mr. Duncan,

This is to inform you that you are terminated from your services to our company as a sales manager with effect from 01st April 2012. We have taken this decision after a very thoughtful discussion between the board members and senior officials.

Even after multiple warnings to improve the sales figures in the regions assigned to you, there has only been miniscule improvement that you have shown, where as sales manager of other regions with similar area and exposure have shown double the sales performance and your regions still remain in losses. During the last few months there has been nil performance in your region. You have not been able to generate new business nor sustain the existing business for the company. At this rate we will be forced to close down operations managed by you which is something that the top management does not want.

Therefore we have decided to terminate your services and do not require you as a sales manager for our company.

We thank you for your association with our company so far.

Yours truly,

James Enor,

Manager-Human Resources,

Dartford Company

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