Termination Letters

Termination Letter for Fraud


Wright Clark,

#9, Nottingham,


London, NG9

Date: 20th April 2012

Subject: Termination from services due to frauds in accounts

Dear Mr. Wright,

Please be informed that you are terminated from services of our company as an Accountant with effect from 21st April, 2012. This is the decision taken by our company’s Board of Directors after conducting a thorough investigation of the fraud that took place last month in our company. It has been observed that you were involved in the fraud against the company by joining hands with our competitors. It has also been revealed in the investigation that you have disclosed sensitive information of the company to the competitor companies which has caused huge financial loss.

It is absolutely not possible for us to forgive such a grave mistake which has cost the company loss apart from reputation issues.  I am sure no company will tolerate such a huge fraud right under its nose when the culprit has been identified.

Apart from terminating you from the services we also plan to initiate legal action against you shortly for recovery of the funds that have been embezzled. It is in your best interest to return back the amount that has been taken from the company while we may consider not taking any legal action against you.

Hope to hear soon from you.

Yours truly,

Thomas Brennan,


Brennan Infomatics Ltd.

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