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Termination inquiry letter

May 28, 2010

Catherine Walker

Human Resources Officer

Great Taste Manufacturing

Dear Ms. Walker,

Good day!

I am one of the company workers who was terminated last May 25, 2009.  I write to you to inquire about the reasons for my termination.

I have been working in the company for ten years, starting as an assembly line worker.  I was promoted as line supervisor last January 2007 after I was cited for good performance several years in a row.  I have been on good working terms with the workers under my supervision and have not received any negative comments from my superior officer.

As such, I was surprised to be informed that I would be among the 50 workers to be terminated.  I received my termination letter last month but the reasons for removing me remains unclear.  I hope to discuss the matter personally with you soon as I hope to still remain working in the company.

Thank you.


Mr. Arthur Williams

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