Termination Letters

Termination Agreement Letter


Louis Banks,

#43, Ipswich,


London, IP6

Date: 6th May 2012

Subject: Termination of agreement between you and our company

Dear Mr. Louis,

We are sorry to inform you that the agreement entered by you and our company for supply of office stationery stands terminated with immediate effect. Though we have initially entered into an agreement for a period of one year for the same, we are forced to terminate the agreement. We are terminating this agreement due to the sample stationery supply received from you on 01st May 2012. The sample that we received was neither up to the standards specified by us in the agreement nor was it is usable condition when we received it at our end. As a result of the defective stationery material my company has suffered a huge loss of time and also some valuable clients.

Even after multiple reminders and requests made to you, there has been no proper response and replacement of the defective stationery items received at our end. We are very disappointed with the negligent behavior and do not wish to continue the agreement any further.

As there are no dues from our side, the agreement is cancelled with immediate effect and we do not wish to have any business relationship you even in future.

Thanking You

Yours truly,

Jonathan Condon


Maco Office Supplies.

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