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A cover letter should be the one that will give a good impression of yours to your potential employers. It should be well-written and strictly follow the formats for traditional cover letters. It will present the employers how well are you in written communications.

1stDecember 2009

Goo James Pyo

Hiring Manager

TMT Network

333 North Park Drive,

Milton, NY 10945

(888) 456 789

Dear Mr. Pyo:

In response to an advertisement I saw a while ago, I would like to apply for the applications engineer needed in the TMT Network. I have reviewed your company and I had pleasure knowing more about it. My friend, Dave Nerri, who works in your company informed me about the position and I am very enthusiastic about this position. I believe that my experiences as a software and applications engineer are perfect preparations for the vacant position you want to fill up. 

If the job calls for an analysis of business rules and processes, I have an associate degree in business management that will fit in the job. Furthermore, I have been given numerous citations and awards from different organizations. I was also invited at different seminars to conduct talks regarding information technology. If the job will call for a seminar, I can conduct lectures that will best fit the topic.

Please consider my application. My resume and certificates are attached. I will be looking forward to your response. Thank you and more powers.

Sincerely yours,

Jandee Smith

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