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Teacher Reference Letter


Mr. Jones,


New Model School


The principal,

Sunrise School

Dear sir/madam,

I, Mr. Jones, am writing this letter to make you aware of the fact that Ms Stella has been an excellent teacher in our school for a period of 3 years. On account of some personal commitments, she has been forced to move out of Benkingsley and she is now moving to the city where your esteemed school exists. She has desired to take the teacher’s job at your school and she will prove to be one of the best teachers, if appointed.

Not only that knowledge of subject is very fluent with Ms. Stella but also she is very comfortable with the students and can instantly strike a chord with the students. The time she requires to make a rapport develop between her and her students is simply negligible. The letter was just to let you some insight regarding Ms Stella, while the decision should be done without any hesitation.

Yours truly,

Mr. Jones

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