Introduction Letters

Teacher Introduction Letter


Students and Parents,

Mother Merry High School,

London, United Kingdom

Date: May 2nd, 2012

Subject: Introduction of New Teachers to the Students and the Parents

Dear Students and Respected Parents,

The objective of this letter is to welcome the students to the new academic year and to invite the attention of parents to the introductory meeting of the new teachers in the Mother Merry High School. In this meeting, the newly employed teachers will be introduced to the students and to their parents. The new schedule of class periods, school timings and syllabus shall be provided to the student and to their respective class teachers during this meeting. Kindly find the enclosed meeting agenda with this letter.

Furthermore, this teacher introduction meeting is programmed to build up a rapport between the students and the newly joined teachers.

I seek your presence at this teacher introductory meeting for the growth of the student’s future.  For further details, you are requested to contact the helpdesk of Mother Merry High School at: .

Yours Faithfully,

Maria Thomson

Principal- Mother Merry High School

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