Tax Letters

Tax return letter

Juana Aguirre

Pierdras No 623

Piso2 Dto .4

C1070AAM Capital Federal


Date: 12-01-2010

Subject:    Claim for Income Tax Return

Dear Sir/ Madam,

NI No: AB 23 45 67 C

Tax reference: 564/A3765

Employer: Juana Aguirre

Employee’s reference: A1078

This is to inform you that I, Juana Aguirre belong to the professional association of British Psychological Society (BPS), and I have claimed for the income tax relief, the subscription for which has also been granted by the Income Tax Relief.

With regard to this, I have been advised by our Payroll Department that as I have not completed the self- assessment tax form, but have claimed for the tax return, so I should directly write to you in this respect.

The annual fee which I have paid every year since 2003 is:

2003 – $ 80.00 (Ordinary Rate)

2002 – $ 85.00 (Ordinary Rate)

2001 – $ 70.00 (reduced Membership Rate)

So, I would really look forward for your assistance.

Yours Sincerely,

Juana Aguirre

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