Tax Letters

Tax return engagement letter

Frederick Benson

Richmond Street

California, US

Subject:  Preparation of individual Tax Returns

Dear Frederick Benson

This letter of Tax Return confirms the terms and conditions, and the extent of services provided by us. We would prepare all the state income tax returns and federal year services to you.

So, we are enclosing an organizer which would help you to gather all the requisite information for a complete return. With the help of an organizer, one can avoid overlooking all the important information and can contribute towards preparation for an exquisite return.

For this, all the documents, cancelled checks and other data which would be supporting the reported income and deductions would be required. The law also imposes severe penalties to the taxpayers when they underestimate their tax liability. And, penalties of $ 1, 00,000 can be imposed for not disclosing reportable transactions.

In order to affirm this letter, duly sign on the enclosed copy of this letter.


Robert Jose

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