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New York Income Tax Solutions,

New York-117011


June 03, 2011

Anthony Johnson,

4123, Amityville,

New York-117012


Dear Mr. Anthony,

We please to provide our opinions for your tax solutions for which you have chosen us. Based all the documents and copies provided by you for the preparation of tax return we have come to the following conclusions;

  1. You should increase the level of your investments so that you can ask for more tax abatements.
  2. You should preserve the documents related income as much as you can which can prove crucial role for determining your actual income.
  3. If you believe in charity then you should do the same to some extent as there is good exemption through such charity.
  4. It is very important to file the return regularly if you want to avoid penalties.

I think you have understood our conclusions and findings and will comply with the same soon.

Thank you,


Donald Anderson

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