Termination Letters

Tax Clearance Letter

Richard Brown,

Benson, 1002,



June 04, 2011

Internal Revenue Service Department,

Washington- 6006-20008


Dear Sir,

Sub- Application for the tax clearance certificate

Ref- Tax Return No.000258/ Dated March 28, 2011

I with this letter hereby request you for the tax clearance certificate for the tax return as above filed for this year. It has been long time since I filed the tax return and yet not received tax clearance certificate from you.

I have filed the tax return in the prescribed format and provided all the necessary documents with the return in tax office. I need the clearance certificate to fulfill my other financial requirement. I hope that you will take prompt action against my application for the clearance certificate.

I expect early reply for this application from your side if there is any issue with my tax return and if you have already sent the certificate.

Thank You,

Yours Truly,

Richard Brown

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