Sorry Letters

Sorry Letters

Sorry letters are documents which convey regret, feelings of apology and contrition to the recipient (s). Such documents or letters are extremely tricky and the correct amount of emotion must be combined with genuine and heartfelt sorrow and regret. They must be written by the sender in order to express true emotion, and hence, sorry letters are extremely difficult to compose.

Sorry letters can be personal or formal. In the latter case, the apology is usually for any action which has caused inconvenience to another party, like a business house, a company or an institution. In case of personal sorry letters, the feelings can be given greater expression.

Such letters must be kept simple and short. The reason for the misunderstanding or the cause of grievance must be addressed, and the sender’s apology must be tendered. A sorry letter should refrain from being overtly emotional and overwhelming.

It is best if sorry letters do not tend to justify the cause of grievance or the hurtful action. This defeats the point of the sorry letter which is to offer an unconditional apology. Hence, one must admit one’s fault and not be defensive while apologizing. This result is a convincing sorry letter.

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