Sorry Letters

Sorry Letter to Sister

75, North Avenue,

Hamilton Road

New York, NY

27th January 2012

Dear Jenny,

I am writing this letter to express my apologies for not being able to attend your wedding reception. I could not make it to the function as it was the same time I had to go for an official tour. Though, I tried convincing my boss for postponing the tour but in vain. I had to leave for it unwillingly. I know I have disappointed you by not being there with you on your special day but believe me I am feeling equally bad.

I remember the plans we had made for this day right from deciding the menu for the dinner to the theme to selecting the songs to be played at the function. I know we had been planning everything since months and you wanted me to be with you all the time on this day but I am sorry for this unscheduled tour.

Please accept my apologies. I would come and meet you soon.

Miss you,


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