Acceptance Letters

Software Acceptance Letter


Mr Robinson,

Head of Security Department,

Casino Royale,

Venice, Italy


Mr Crouch,

Lock Horn Software Ltd,

Capri, Italy

Dear Mr Crouch,

It gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction in making you known of the fact that the security software proposed by your firm has been accepted. The mock execution of the software has been a success and hence, the casino authorities have decided to upgrade the security system of the casino with the help of your software. We would like to install the software within a month and hence the details regarding this are expected to be heard from your side at the earliest.

There are certain facts which came to the surface while the mock execution of the software and which have to be taken into account while the installation of the software. These details have been enclosed along with this letter. We are hopeful that the assurance of full proof security through this security software shall be delivered after installation of the software. Expecting to hear from you at the earliest,

Yours faithfully,

Mr Robinson

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