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Sick Leave Letter


Kelvin Clan,

Wisconsin 53239


Howard Hook,

Secondary Education of New Jersey,

Wisconsin 53449

Dear Sir,

I, Kelvin Clan, hereby would like to inform you that I am going through low health since past many weeks now.  I would like to make a sick leave from tomorrow onwards considering that I cannot stay working for long hours which is affecting my health so much that I am not able to complete my home chores.  I made every possible effort to get back to normal life without any health issues by taking medical attention every now and then.

My health requires immediate check now since it might get worse and would require long days to recover.  I have taken appointment with my family doctor which is after few days from now.  I hope you will consider it and provide me the necessary leave with immediate effect.  I hope to recover soon and be on my working duties with same energy and enthusiasm as I have been providing since past many years now.

Yours Truly,

Kelvin Clan

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