Hardship Letters

Short Sale Hardship Letter

Below is a sample of a simple short sale hardship letter that makes or breaks your chances of selling your home as a short sale.

US Mortgages

32 Saints Avenue, Tampa, FL

(234) 456-6907

August 23, 2009

RE: Request for short sale for 12 Hans Street, Tampa Fl

To whom it may concern:

I bought my home at Saints Avenue May of last year. During that time, B & B Holdings employed me as an accountant and business was very good. My salary made sure that I could fully support my mortgage. Unfortunately, the economic downturn led B & B Holdings to be bankrupt.

I really love my house but I can no longer afford paying its mortgage this is why I am selling it quickly. I believe that a foreclosure on my record will affect my future, which is why I am asking your help to avoid it.


Anna Pairs

34 Area Road, Tampa FL


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