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Short Romantic Love Letter

Dear Maria,

With this letter I dare confess to you that I love and admire you. You are a dream come true which makes each and every single day of my humble existence amazing and blissful. Now I believe in heaven because I truly believe that only this place could be the only source of you. You have come to my life unannounced and I was completely struck when I realized that you are the person I have been wishing for my whole life. Because I am your lover, I have seen the meaning and purpose of my humdrum existing. I have breathed my first breath because of you.

Being your lover means the whole world to me. You have breathed warm flesh to my body. Everyday my thoughts run away with you. I have caught myself many times unconsciously musing about you. You have the most sincere and loyal lover in me. I will make every effort necessary to make you happy. There is nothing I wouldn’t do to make you feel loved and joyful.

With my loving hands, I will make your world the best you’ve ever had. My feeling for you goes beyond the stars. My only hope is to see you satisfied and taken care of.

Love lots,


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