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Short Love Letters

Writing a short love letter is tricky. Meaning must be expressed in a compressed form. The right words must be said right away. There is no room for long introduction hence the name. Writing in a very concise yet heart-felt manner could be a great challenge for some but love generally brings out the writer in us. For instance:

Dear Justine,

I am writing to express my utmost love and admiration for you. Love is what I felt the very moment I laid eyes on you. I have seen that in you is my sweetest love. There is just no way to contain my feeling any more.

My love for you I feel in every inch of my body and soul. I strongly believe with every drop of blood flowing in my veins that you are the love I have been waiting for my whole life. Existence would be nothing if I don’t have my love for you. I sincerely admire you. In my eyes you will always be beautiful and ideal. I am surrendering to this grand feeling, this love, hoping that I would be rewarded by a mere chance to validate and prove myself to you. This love cannot be denied so with this letter I dare tell you.

Lovingly yours,


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