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School physician application letter

Dr. Amber Langdon

1111 Market Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103

August 9, 2010

Mr. Charles Haley

Human Resources Officer

Pennsylvania School

Dear Mr. Haley,

A friend of mine working as teacher at your school has informed me that you have a vacant post for school physician.  I have the qualifications you have posted on your website and I would like to apply for the said position.

I took up my bachelor’s degree in Biology at a renowned university and continued my medical degree from the same school.  I graduated with honors and was recognized as an outstanding student during my graduation.  I spent my internship at a children’s hospital and I was exposed to children patients.  I believe this makes me highly suitable to be a school physician.

I have attached my resume for your reference.  I hope you would provide me an opportunity to discuss how I could benefit the school more at your convenient time.  You may contact me at (267) 330 3110.

Thank you.


Dr. Amber Langdon

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