Hardship Letters

School Hardship Letter


William Pereira,

404 Prime Avenue,

New York 57783



Sunrise School of Wisconsin,

Wisconsin 58814

Hi There,

I am, William Pereira, father of John Pereira who is in your school studying 7th grade.  I came to know from my kid that there have been instances wherein he is facing severe criticism from his colleagues and teachers for not performing best for any given task though he is indeed much better than an average student at your school.  If you have any doubt on this you can have a look at his report card and will definitely find satisfactory results for an above-average student performance.

I certainly would like you to take necessary course of action against those who are giving my kid hardship at the cost of their advantage.  These types of instances would certainly be dampening for any children studying at your school or, for sake, any other school having such instances at a frequent rate.  I assume that, henceforth, there will not be any happening of such instances in future.

Yours Sincerely,

William Pereira

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