Hardship Letters

Mortgage Lender Hardship Letter


Will Macon,

Wisconsin 53884


Jessie Watson,

Refinance Constructive Co.,

Wisconsin 53009

Dear Madam,

I, Will Macon, having a great difficulty in handling my mortgage repayment terms which are modified by my company called High Mortgage Finance Co.  This is to inform you that I am in a great need to get rid of this mess considering that you have better schemes and options that will make sure I have a great deal and will most probably be able to pay your interest amount without any defaults.

Since I am going through my rough financial times, I hereby would prefer a mortgage company that will make sure I have a good opportunity to get the real value of my home as well as easy payment terms without bloating out my finance expenses unnecessarily.  In the meantime, I would like to get your immediate solution and possible best deal to finalize it.  Hence, I am ready to get you all the necessary papers in order to execute.

Yours Sincerely,

Will Macon

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