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Andrew Thomas,

111, Eleventh Street,

Orange County,




Mrs. Richardson,


Apple Education Center,

112, Tenth Street,

Orange county-78903


Respected Madam,

Sub- Application letter for the admission of my son

My son has just completed his 5th std. from St. Antony School, due to lack of further schooling in the same school, he is seeking admission in the 6th std. in any other school. I have heard lot about your reputed education institution. Therefore, I am hereby writing an application for the admission of my son in your institution. My son has been the best performer in his previous school which you can see from his progress report which I am attaching with this application letter.

The facilities and well qualified teaching staff of your school are well known for providing modern education to students. I would like to hope that my son will also be able to be part of this teaching facility. I have also attached my son’s all achievement certificates and I hope that you will really be impressed by the same. I would like to get an early reply from your side for the application.

Please take this application in your due consideration.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,

Andrew Thomas


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