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Primary School Admission Letter

Tom Moody,

46/63 east,

Santa Clara, 78909



Ross Taylor,


ABC primary School,

Santa Clara-78965

Dear Sir,

Sub- Letter for admission of my son in your school in KG section

This letter is being written to you by me in the search of admission for my son in your reputed school in KG section. My kid has just completed his nursery section from XYZ nursery school. Now he is seeking admission in KG section. I have heard from my friend that your school is one the best schools for primary schooling in Santa Clara. I have also searched on the internet, you know I have really impressed with the background of the school. I don’t think I would get any other better school than yours in Santa Clara.

I have attached my kid’s progress report with this letter which will help you to know his performance at nursery level. My kid has been one of the bright students in his nursery school. I hope that he will be able to get all things which required by a student to become a successful person in his life from your school.

I am expecting early reply from your side.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,

Tom Moody


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i have just got a rejection letter of my sons school for prep. i want 2 write an application letter to the school to reconsider the admission of my son.please suggest

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