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School Admission Application Letter

Ian Strauss

520, Main Street,






St. Johnny High and Junior School,

California, 76895


Respected Sir,

Sub- Application for the admission of my son your school

I am writing this letter for the admission of my son George who has just completed his middle level schooling last year and he is seeking admission in high schooling. George has completed his elementary and middle schooling from St. Antony School in California which has been considered as one the top school for elementary education in the California. I have attached the admission form duly filled along with the photo copies of his grade sheets of exams which he has passed during his previous level of schooling.

My son has also won many prizes in activities of his school. He has also been considered as the best chess player in his school. In fact he has also won the gold medal in chess in annual sports of his school. Therefore, I have also attached photocopies of all certificates that he has won in his school. I think that all these things would be enough in persuading you for the admission of my son George in your reputed school.

I am expecting prompt reply from your side.

Thanking you,

Yours Truly,

Ian Strauss


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