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College Admission Letter of Example

Matt Anderson    ,

111, Main Street,

Los Angeles County

Los Angeles-556489





Admission Department,

College of Technical Education,

Los Angeles-569874


Dear Sir,

Sub- Letter for the admission in three years bachelor degree course

I write this letter to you for the admission in bachelor degree course in Business Administration. I have just completed my twelfth last year from Los Angeles secondary-education school with impressive grades in all the exams of high school. I have attached the admission form with this letter duly filled. I have also attached photocopies of my grades sheets of high schooling.

I have been the state level performer in table tennis during my schooling. Even I have also won many prizes in other sports like baseball, football, and long tennis. I had been considered as the top athletic student in my school. I hope that I will continue my performance in your college as well. I am ready to show you my certificates which I have won in different activities of my school.

It has been too late since the admission process for under graduation course started. I have also inquired in many other colleges as well and they are ready to provide me admission instantly. Therefore, I would like to receive early reply from your side.

Please make due consideration on this application.

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,

Matt Anderson


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