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Scholarship Recommendation Letter

To Whom It May Concern:

As the College of Law Dean in the Paramour East University, it is my pride and pleasure to recommend Mr. Dominic Nash to your scholarship program. As a string believer in the mission of your educational program and as an experienced educator, I believe that Mr. Nash possesses all the necessary competencies that are required to become a candidate in your educational program.

In the classroom setting, Mr. Nash displayed the ability to maintain high grades along with active participation in various extra-curricular activities and organizations with positive goals in the campus. As a student of law, he has shown great interest in the quest for truth and justice as evidenced by the manner in which he lives his life.

The product of the work that he delivers can only be considered as top-quality, meeting school deadlines and performing all academic responsibilities diligently and with enthusiasm. Staff members, co-students and others who have had the privilege of dealing with this fine young man would agree that Mr. Nash is reputable, reliable and true to his word.


Atty. Kevin Schneider

Dean, College of Law Paramour East University

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