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Sample Recommendation Letters

To Whom It May Concern:

It is a source of tremendous honor and pride to write this letter of recommendation to my former model and cover girl, Ms. Anna Faire. As Ms. Faire’s former employer, I believe that I am in a good position to mention her qualifications and qualities that will surely make her an asset in your modeling agency.

Aside from the towering height, the undeniable model-type physique and the obvious grace and charm, Ms. Faire also possesses a delightful mixture of girlish innocence and flamboyant sophistication that makes her more appealing on the catwalk and exceptionally beautiful in photographs. Ms. Faire is versatile, which is extremely important in this industry. She can carry out a broad variety looks, from the serious and seductive to the prim and playful.

Ms. Faire has been a favorite among photographers, directors and stylists due to her professional and mature attitude. She always arrives in rehearsals and photo shoot on time and she carries a vibrant aura about her that makes working with her such a pleasure.

In my belief, Ms. Faire’s beauty, talent and good work values will be an advantage to your agency.


Zoe Javier

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