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To Whom It May Concern,

I, the Nursing Supervisor of St. Laurent’s Hospital, am writing this letter of recommendation for my former staff nurse, Danica Rhys. Ms. Rhys has worked in our institution for the past four years. She has proven through her hard work, skill and integrity that she is indeed worthy to be called a nurse.

Ms. Rhys was assigned in the Medical-Surgical unit and has had the experience of caring with patients with various cases and from different walks of life. Working in an international hospital has allowed her to become exposed to people of different nationalities, languages, personalities and preferences. In the most challenging of situations, she has demonstrated the ability to perform her nursing tasks with admirable calmness and ease. In dealing with the patients with the most critical cases, Ms. Rhys has proven the ability to render care with empathy and respect.

Ms. Rhys is indeed deserving of being given the opportunity to work in a hospital with a more specialized function. Hiring her will not only aid her in her career growth; it will also provide you with a competent, reliable nurse for your institution.


Rita Joyce

Registered Nurse

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