Scholarship Letters

Scholarship Notification Letter


Mr. Ryan Williams,

922 Richardson Avenue,

Lubbock, Texas

June 10, 2012

Subject: Notification of acceptance of scholarship application for Master’s in Botany 2012-2014

Dear Mr Williams,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected as a recipient of University of Lubbock’s scholarship program for Master’s in Botany for the course period 2012-2014. We were impressed by your academic achievements, performance in curricular and extra-curricular activities and have also considered your unfavorable financial circumstances in selecting you for this program. You will be enrolling for the Summer 2012 semester in order to receive this scholarship whose value is $1,000 per semester. The scholarship money will be used toward your tuition fee and examination fee. You will need to send us an acknowledgement and acceptance letter within July 1, 2012 so that we can start the paperwork and admission process. If we do not receive any letter or email from you, then the scholarship will be awarded to the next most deserving candidate.

Our university maintains a high level of education and we expect the students to also maintain the standards in their performance. We congratulate you on this scholarship award and look forward to seeing you in summer at the University of Lubbock.

Yours sincerely

Melanie James

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