Scholarship Letters

Scholarship Nomination Letter


Mr. George Moore,

University of Kansas,

Kansas, Texas

June 10, 2012

Subject: Nomination of scholarship for Miss Kylie Jones for Master’s in Drama 2012-2014

Dear Mr Moore,

I am writing to recommend Miss Kylie Jones for the master’s program for the Fall semester in your esteemed university for 2012-2014. I am a professor of Drama in the Lawrence College of Fine Arts and Miss Jones was my student there for four years. During the period when I have known her, Miss Kylie has not only been an excellent student, but also a very hardworking and dedicated human being who brought a sense of positivity to the people around her.

I have seen her progress from a young student, new in the world of drama, to a lady who shows a lot of promise to do well in this field. She has always wanted to pursue higher studies in drama so that she gets the necessary training that will help her work in this field and it was her desire to study in the University of Kansas as your drama program is well known.

For all these reasons, I feel Miss Kylie will be an excellent candidate for your scholarship program and I hope you consider her application.

Yours sincerely

Matt Dawson

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